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Courtesy among individuals and organizations has had long been recognized in all major societies of the world as a sign of respect and civility. Even among parties with divergent points of view. Courteous behavior among individuals and countries sets as a tone of mutual respect with which further productive dialog and successful outcomes may be achieved. In all its forms and styles, courtesy behavior, has been hailed by kings, presidents, and religious leaders as behavior that provides a foundation of a good manners and good will and from which all other good things may follow. It is a skill that must be possessed by every forward thinking staff and manager. Eloquent Speech offers you training in corporate courtesies.

Life is gift, and I try to respond in grace and courtesy… Angelou!

It’s a pertinent call for everyone who wishes to ascend the ladder of greatness to practice the culture of politeness and courtesies. It’s an indispensable ingredient for anyone who wishes to interact with the global world .

When you take this Course, you will learn ;

🪂How to be gracious with words .

🪂How to give responses graciously.

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How to be gracious with words

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How to give responses graciously

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